Like a butterfly – The Wallcreeper life –

Like a butterfly – The incredible life of the Wallcreeper –


Ecologist, conservationist and film maker

Living in France, naturalist Frank Neveu is a committed conservationist. During his career, fascinated as he was by the fabulous mineral environment at the foot of great cliffs, he often found himself in the company of beautiful birds.His first winter spent there along the cliffs and among great raptors was marked by the appearance of a small, marvellous bird, the Wallcreeper.The Neveu’s Wallcreeper first videos were promising. So, the following spring, he accepted his friend and nature photographer Christophe Sidamon-Pesson’s invitation to a cliff. There, Sidamon-Pesson had discovered the previous year, after long years of searching, one couple of nesting Wallcreepers.
The exchanges that resulted between the two naturalists proved fruitful and, ultimately, precious to the venture that was to follow. Up to that point, Sidamon-Pesson had been devoting himself to a photographic book on the Wallcreeper, his totem bird: « Tichodrome, follet de l’à pic » (literally « Wallcreeper, jewel of the cliff »), which would be published the following year, 2011, and which is the first book ever published on the subject.

Neveu had, for his part, kept working on his project starring certain species emblematic of the cliffs in the French Alps. In this way he found himself being slowly introduced to the territory of the Wallcreeper, a colourful bird that he met nearly every day. His knowledge of the bird thus grew so extensive and acute that it led him to shoot even such rare scenes as sunbathing. Each spring, he met again with his friend Sidamon-Pesson at the same cliff, where they together made their way to observe this very special bird.
For three and a half years, from the glacier valleys to the lofty summits,  film maker Frank Neveu made interminable trips with heavy equipment and spent hundreds of hours hanging from the cliffs like an acrobat. He even became close to about thirty different individuals, which enabled him to take thousands of shots covering the whole life cycle of the bird. To Neveu, it went without saying that he should share his treasure by dedicating a documentary to this amazing bird.

Produced by : Salamandre film @ Vision primordiale



Producer / Philippe Belin (CH), Salamandre Films

Co-producer / Frank Neveu (F),Vision primordiale

Director-text and images / Frank Neveu (F)

Line producer / Laurent Willenegger (CH), Salamandre Films and artist

Line producer advisor / Vincent Chabloz (CH),

Film advisor / Jean-Michel Bertrand (F), film maker

Film editor / Anne Buxerolle (F), long worked for Ushuaïa nature and painter

Official wallcreeper photographer / Christophe Sidamon-Pesson (F) Nature photographer

Postproduction / Guy Rondi (F),

Scientific advisor / Lionel Maumary (CH), ornithologist and excursionist

Nature sound / Boris Jollivet (F),

Alpinist and naturalist / Jean Guillet (F)

Original music / Thomas Jeker (CH)

Marketing / Baptiste Pfeiffer (CH)


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